Reverse Pitch: Big Corps Reveal Unmet Needs To Attract AgeTech Startups

Friday, January 6, 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Moderator: Danielle D. Duplin
Speakers: Joshua Di Frances (LG Electronics), Todd Haim (NIA), Brendan McEntee (Accenture), Nick Patel (ThriveWell Tech)

You’ll hear from established companies who already serve older consumers and are eager for innovative ways to be more efficient and effective. Other companies want to break into the growing market of aging populations and are seeking inventive products or solutions to put on their roadmap.  And, organizations with a mission to reframe aging altogether, who are hunting for radical ideas to fund and accelerate.  Join us to learn the industry’s unmet needs for aging better; you just might have the answer they are looking for.