Rachel Francine

CEO and Founder, 
Musical Health Technologies aka SingFit

Rachel began attending CES in the 1980s as a kid alongside her serial entrepreneur father, so it’s not surprising that she chose technology as a career starting back when the big platform debate was VHS vs. Beta.  In 1996 Rachel’s career in tech kicked into high gear as a member of the CitySearch.com New Markets team and she went on to lead teams at groundbreaking start-ups and advise blue chip brands on transforming formerly brick and mortar products and experiences into scalable, digital solutions.  In the 2000s, Rachel earned a master’s degree in Futures Studies from the University of Houston with a focus on Transformative Economics and is member of the CTA Foundation which works to ensure digital inclusion.   Rachel is the Founder and CEO of Musical Health Technologies, whose award-winning SingFit digital health platform is successfully scaling music as medicine for the first time in history.