Gameboard does for board games what Kindle did for books. A 16-inch x 16-inch square board, utilizing our patented SenseScreen™ technology (enabling physical game pieces as well as unlimited touchpoints) with Bluetooth capability to sync with any personal device. Gameboard democratizes the board game creation, publishing, and buying process by lowering the barriers to entry, shortening the time to market, and allowing players to play their games everywhere, while providing valuable (and previously impossible) data back to the game producers. Gameboard is a platform that combines digital and physical board game elements to provide a limitless game experience. Play poker on TLG with your friends, while hiding your cards on your iPhone. Use digital pieces to play Dungeons and Dragons with your friends or use interactive pieces with TLG. Never worry about losing a game piece, never worry about what game to play. The Last Boardgame combines the nostalgia of board games with the convenience and ease of technology.