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Transform your caregiving program with the AgeTech Collaborative™. Join our exclusive network to connect with vetted startups, pilot new tech and gain access to 50+ market research. 

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Why join the AgeTech Collaborative?

When you become a part of our ecosystem, you unlock access to our exclusive network of vetted startups. These collaboration opportunities, alongside cutting-edge research and trends, can help position your organization as one of the leaders in the rapidly-growing AgeTech market.

How it Works

All applicants are vetted by the AgeTech Collaborative™ in order to join our exclusive community. Once accepted, you gain instant access to AgeTech Collaborative™ events and networking opportunities with industry experts and peers.

Connect with over 90 Visionary Startups​

Collaborate with industry leaders and AgeTech disrupters across sectors.

Innovating in the following categories:


Digital Health and Accessibility

Discover technology designed to empower older adults to manage their health, wellness and mobility.

Group 2

Financial Services

New solutions are helping the 50+ take charge of their future as they work, plan and save for their long-term financial security.

Group 3

Smart Home

See how innovative solutions are enabling the 50+ to age in their homes, on their own terms.

Group 4

Social Engagement

Powerful social engagement platforms and technology are transforming the way older adults connect and thrive as they age.

What Our Participants Are Saying

“As a testbed, I have a resource with AARP to seek out solutions for any challenge I might have as a nonprofit retirement community…. The testbed relationship helps us to know, empirically, the strength of our programming so we can know we are making a difference.”

James Michels
Army Distaff Foundation