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We’re connecting leaders and innovators across the globe to take AgeTech to the next level — and make aging easier for everyone.

Leading the charge toward the future of AgeTech

The AgeTech Collaborative from AARP® brings together a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of key stakeholders, united in their mission to improve people’s lives as they age. Through our startup accelerator program, expert guidance, pilot testing, and connection opportunities, every part of the collaborative is designed to help participants achieve their goals.

What is AgeTech?

AgeTech is a growing category of technology solutions designed to meet the needs of the world’s aging population. These include products, services, and experiences across industries that aim to make the process of aging easier, from HealthTech and mobility aids to artificial intelligence and robotics.

The AgeTech Collaborative ecosystem

We’re bringing together the leaders at the forefront of the $45 trillion global longevity market:


Visionary startups focused on improving the lives of the 50+ can gain access to valuable insights, find community, and potentially connect with investors, enterprises and testbeds.


Institutions, venture capital firms and other investors get the opportunity to see what’s next and invest early in a growing portfolio of vetted AgeTech startups.


Leading brands can stake their claim in the high-growth AgeTech arena, increasing the value of their brand through collaborative opportunities with startups, testbeds, and industry experts.


Organizations looking to offer a pilot environment for startups gain early access to innovative solutions and help guide the next wave of AgeTech innovation with their unique insights.

Business Services

Companies with a product or service appealing to early-stage startups can grow their business and client base while helping accelerate the growth of these promising businesses.


Is this restricted to AgeTech solutions only? Path Copy 2

Yes, our work aligns with the strategic initiatives of AARP, which means we are looking for startups with technological solutions that empower people to choose how they live as they age.

As a mission-driven organization, we don’t ask for fees or equity to join the program. We amplify startups who are aligned with our mission, therefore your success is our success. 

If I join, what are the expectations? Path Copy 2

Our hope is that you engage with other participants. That can be done through communicating with startups, attending events, and generally being active within the community.

How do I apply to join the AgeTech Collaborative? Path Copy 2

We are so glad you are interested in joining! If you are a startup, please note that the AgeTech Collaborative is currently only available to startups who have graduated from the AgeTech Collaborative Accelerator program. Check out our startup page to learn more about how to engage with us.

If you are interested in joining as an investor, testbed, business service, or industry leader, please apply here.
How many portfolio companies do you have? Path Copy 2
You can view our growing AgeTech Collaborative Startup Portfolio in our startup directory.
Does it cost anything to join? Path Copy 2

While there is currently no fee associated with joining the AgeTech Collaborative, we do ask that our participants engage with others in the community by attending events and communicating in our forums.

My organization is already in the AgeTech Collaborative™ but I do not have an account yet. 
How do I log in? Path Copy 2

If your organization is already part of the AgeTech Collaborative, ask your primary contact to send you an invitation to join. If you do not know who the primary contact is, email us at info@agetechcollaborative.org.

Meet the team

The AgeTech Collaborative is made up of inspiring early adopters at the forefront of AgeTech innovation:
Andy Miller

SVP, AARP Innovation Labs

Rick Robinson
Rick Robinson

VP & GM, AgeTech Collaborative

Amelia Hay

VP, Startup Programming

Deborah Jordan

Senior Director, Design Thinking & Marketing

Sasha Spellman

Director, Collaborative Engagement

Aurelie Cornett

Director, Startup Collaboration

Amy Shroads

Director, Startup Program

Donna Rynex

Finance Ops & Investments Director

Steven Perdue

Business Development Advisor

Sarah Miller

Startup Portfolio Manager

Mary Byrnes

Manager, Startup Programming

Sheila Collins

Senior Advisor, Startup Programming

Liv Tomaszewski

Account Manager

Mrunal Aras

Design Thinking Manager

Elisabeth Pendergrass

Marketing Manager

Callie Jacobs

Startup Portfolio Manager

Stephanie A. Davis

Senior Business Unit

Michael Pabst

Technical Product Manager

Nhu Nguyen

Innovation Programming & Events Manager

Jessica Nguyen

Startup Portfolio Manager

Elise Downes

Community Programming Manager

Marco DiGirolomo

Account Manager

David Lange

Account Manager

The future is closer than you think

Join the AgeTech Collaborative and help us take AgeTech to the next level.