Build your portfolio with innovative, early-stage startups

The AgeTech Collaborative™ offers investors the opportunity to discover and fund breakthrough companies solving the pressing issues that affect us as we age.

What you’ll get as part of the 
AgeTech Collaborative:

Grow your portfolio

Discover investment opportunities with disruptive startups, boost your deal flow and source the most promising AgeTech products and services - all vetted by the AgeTech Collaborative.

Discover the latest in AgeTech

Access cutting-edge research and expertise in the AgeTech space, including market trends, consumer spending habits, exciting new tech, and more.

Build your network​

Connect with the leading minds in AgeTech in our exclusive community, including visionary startup founders, and become a part of their journey as a mentor and advisor.

Attend exclusive events ​

Get access to invite-only events hosted by experts in the ecosystem, and stay current on research and trends in AgeTech.

71% of 50+ consumers made a tech purchase in 2022.

Tap into the AgeTech revolution

Americans aged 50+ were responsible for $8.3 trillion in U.S. spending last year, and that number is projected to rise to $28.2 trillion by 2050. Now is the time to invest in this rapidly growing sector.

When you join the AgeTech Collaborative, you’ll gain access to vetted, early-stage startups looking for investors, receive key insights from industry experts and proprietary research, and connect with leaders in AgeTech as part of our one-of-a-kind ecosystem.

What our investors say about the program:

We have participated as mentors and panelists and most importantly discovered one of our best portfolio companies through the Accelerator - Kinto Care which helps caregivers of seniors with cognitive issues. Thanks Agetech Collaborative for all your hard work in facilitating the growth of technology to help our most vulnerable.

— 1843 Capital
The AgeTech Collaborative has created a powerful community at scale of entrepreneurs, investors and champions of innovation in longevity and aging. Only together can we address the significant opportunities facing older adults of health, wealth and self. We are proud to be a founding member.

— Abby Levy, Primetime Partners
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