The AgeTech Collaborative from AARP is at the nexus of technology and longevity, leading a global effort to unlock AgeTech’s potential to improve people’s lives as they age. Around the world, people age 50 and older generate more than $45 trillion in annual economic activity, and this is projected to increase to $118 trillion by 2050. There has never been a better time for innovative companies to invest in AgeTech.

That’s why we traveled to CES, the most influential tech event in the world: to connect with global innovators, showcase our breakthrough collaborative ecosystem, and elevate the AgeTech category.

Featured CES Speakers

Jo Ann Jenkins


Scott Frisch

EVP and COO,

Steve Case

Chairman and CEO,

Michael Milken

Milken Institute

Grant Hill

Vice Chairman,
Atlanta Hawks

Jessica Mendoza

Olympic Gold Medalist & Analyst,

Seth Rogen

Writer, Actor, Co-Founder,
Hilarity For Charity

Lauren Miller Rogen

Filmmaker, Co-Founder,
Hilarity for Charity

Our Booth

Venetian Expo A-C, Booth Number 52332.

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Take a look at these exciting events!

AgeTech Summit

At the Summit, AgeTech industry leaders participated in a dedicated program of key speakers and panel discussions all focused on innovation in the AgeTech space.

The Venetian Expo, Level 4, Marcello 4404
Friday, January 6,
9:00 am –
9:40 am

Speakers: Jo Ann Jenkins, Seth Rogen, Lauren Miller Rogen

AgeTech is transforming how (well) we age, all over the world. Learn how innovation is changing aging and how aging is changing innovation.

The Venetian Expo, Level 4, Marcello 4404
Friday, January 6,
10:00 am –
10:40 am

Speaker: Steve Case

With more and more funding flowing into AgeTech, join this discussion about the power of sparking innovation from the most unlikely places.

The Venetian Expo, Level 4, Marcello 4404
Friday, January 6,
11:00 am –
11:40 am

Speakers: Grant Hill & Jessica Mendoza

Professional athletes’ access to data and tech drives performance and improves recovery. Learn how we can all stay “in the game as we age.”

Redefining Health Approaches for How We Age

AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins joined Philanthropist, Financier and Public Health Advocate Michael Milken in the discussion “In Pursuit of Health: Redefining Health Approaches for How We Age” about the expanding role technology is playing in combatting disease and helping people live longer, healthier lives.

LVCC, North Level 2, N250
Saturday, January 7,
2:00 pm –
2:40 pm

Speakers: Mike Milken & Jo Ann Jenkins

Leaders in healthcare will discuss technological advancements that help address aging issues to prepare and equip all people to live longer, healthier lives.

Events Schedule

Revisit any of the 21 sessions at our booth stage in the Venetian Expo on topics ranging from home-based care and age-friendly communities to virtual travel and aging in the metaverse.