Transform the lives of those you serve

Unlock access to our exclusive network of vetted startups to enable meaningful pilot programs within your organization — and position yourself as one of the leaders in the rapidly growing AgeTech market.

Why join the AgeTech Collaborative™?

Access cutting-edge technology and 50+ market insights​​

Get connected to a curated portfolio of startups and pilot new tech that can change the lives of the people you serve, as well as improve efficiency and reduce costs across your organization.

Attend exclusive events

Get access to invite-only events hosted by experts in the ecosystem, foster connections and collaboration opportunities, and stay current on research and trends in AgeTech.

Share insights and expertise ​

Share pilot findings, knowledge of the 50+ market, and emerging issues in the aging space with other participants in our community, in order to foster more successful pilot programs.

Discover the latest in AgeTech

Access cutting-edge research and expertise on trends in the AgeTech space, including changing consumer attitudes, the impact of tech on older audiences, and new discoveries in the science of longevity.

*AARP 2023 Tech Trends and Adults 50+, Jan 2023  https://www.aarp.org/research/topics/technology/info-2023/2023-technology-trends-older-adults.html

Pilot new tech with resources and support

As part of our one-of-a-kind ecosystem, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with select startups working on groundbreaking AgeTech solutions — as well as the support and resources to make those collaborations successful. Plus, you’ll be among the first to offer access to this exciting new technology, including virtual reality experiences, wearable tech, and mobility aids.

What our testbeds say about the program:

As a testbed, I have a resource with [The AgeTech Collaborative] to seek out solutions for any challenge I might have as a nonprofit retirement community. I have a resource to discuss how to best select and evaluate companies seeking to bring a service or product into our community. And I have a partner to help measure efficacy. In the end, the testbed relationship helps us to know, empirically, the strength of our programming so we can know we are making a difference.

— Jim Michels, Army Distaff Foundation
The AgeTech Collaborative is my go-to resource for all things related to tech and aging. It's a wonderful community that provides a wealth of information, resources, and events.

— Stephen Liu, a2 Collectiv
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