AgeTech Collaborative™ Startups at CES


Braze Mobility

Our blind spot sensors transform any wheelchair into a “smart” wheelchair.

Camino Robotics

Camino Robotics has developed the world’s first Smart Walker to help the millions of people who struggle with walking or fear falling stay mobile, active, and more self-reliant.

RAZ Mobility

RAZ Mobility developed and sells the RAZ Memory Cell Phone.

Digital Health


The founding team is made up of Yale, DreamWorks, and Hyperloop One alums in conjunction with a world-class clinical team at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and USC.


MindMics is a technology start-up focused on delivering actionable health monitoring for all.

Amicus Brain Innovations, Inc.

Amicus Brain has developed an AI-Powered Decision Support platform that transforms how aging adults make their critical long-term care decisions.

Financial Services

Trust & Will

Trust & Will is the leading online estate planning company in the U.S. We are on a mission to ensure that every American leaves a lasting legacy.


Parents and family members can send money through digital “goal cards” with virtual messages attached allowing kids the chance to respond messages received.


Paperwork is a financial wellness platform that combines financial education with actionable insights to help families save money, and optimize their financial health.

Smart Home

Mighty Health

Mighty Health is the first digital exercise, nutrition, and wellness platform designed specifically for older adults.


ZIBRIO provides measurement-based fall prevention along the continuum of care.


Casana brings together a team of engineers, scientists, clinicians and business people.


At Tellus we combine advanced sensors with AI to predict and analyze the health of a person in a room without the use of wearables or video cameras.

We solve the caregiver shortage by applying a global workforce & cutting edge conversational AI to build supportive relationships at scale.

Labrador Systems

Labrador Systems is an early-stage robotics company developing a new generation of assistive robots to help individuals live more independently.

Social Engagement